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About White Factor HOCI

About White Factor HOCI

01 Mission of White Factor

White factor is based on the core principles of peace of mind, health and environmental protection. It is hoped that white factor can become a health shield for everyone, resisting the invasion of various germs and away from the threat of infectious diseases.

In addition, we also hope to fulfill the responsibility of sustainable development of the earth, to be environmentally friendly, and to create a clean, pollution-free and safe living space.

02 What is White Factor

White Factor can be used when it is inconvenient to wash our hands. It is an antibacterial disinfectant that could be used widely in daily life.

Generally, medication treat symptoms, but not to cure illnesses. What is genuinely effective against virus and bacteria is the immunity of the body itself.

When there is invasion of virus or bacteria, immunity system will attack and digest the virus and bacteria, meanwhile it will not harm other cells of human body.

‘White Factor’ is developed from the antibacterial concept of white blood cells in the human immune system. We produce the same antibacterial factor, which isfound in white blood cells, called HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid).

Our product is of low concentration but effectively defend us from pathogenic microorganisms in the living environmentefficiently. It helps usreducing exposure and cross-contagion threats during periods of low immunity.

03 Our ingredient

Main ingredient: Low concentration Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) made with Japanese technology.  It penetrates directly into the cell membrane of pathogen and destroy the internal protease, RNA and DNA.  After the action, it is reduces to water, which is safe and creates no harm to human and environment.

04 Exclusive patent technology

Low concentration Hypochlorous Acid is used as disinfection industry for years; however the efficacy was faded, due to the unstable biochemical components. It has been limited to disinfection applications in large factory plants.

Feedback system in terms of quality control is developed by Japan, that tackles of instability issues of traditional production generative method.  This method articulates the high purity low concentration HOCl that is effective against pandemic.

05 Reason to entrust

1. Pure ingredients
No alcohol and fragrance. SGS certified, no plasticizer and the eight heavy metals.

2. Anti-bacteria
All White Factor products are sent to international standard laboratory for testing, to ensure it combats all types of environmental pathogens.

3. Official approval
Low concentration Hypochlorous Acid (below 200ppm) is approved by Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare Department as tableware cleansing substance.

4. Environmentally friendly and safe
99.9% of low concentration Hypochlorous Acid is water. There is no burden to human, animal and environment after effect.

06 Overseas and local accreditation

White Factor insists on providing high quality anti-bacteria products, all products have passed strict tests and received overseas and local accreditation.

High quality: White Factor insists in providing high quality products by adapting the approved quality control standard by the Japan headquarter.

Highly anti-bacteria: All products of White Factor is sent to internationally recognized laboratory for testing, such as SGS and GLP, to ensure the efficacy to combat all kinds of environment pathogens.

High safety: White Factor has passed the test of China Disease Prevention and Control Center to confirm it is safe and brings no irritation to skin and month cavity.

High stability: we have passed stability test in the laboratory of Chinese Academy of Science. It confirms our products sustain stable effectiveness of anti-bacterial function in 1 year.