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Jul 20

Won the ‘Mame Awards 2019’ Mame Favorite Disinfection Antibacterial Brand Award

A group of award-winning enterprises, representatives of the organizers, mamashare founder Elaine Tang, co-organizer 730 deputy director Ray Lee, star mummy ambassador Angie Mak and child star KOL: Celine, Charlotte, Matt.

The ‘Mame Awards 2019’ Award Ceremony hosted by ‘Mameshare’ and co-organized by “am730” was successfully held on June 9 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. A total of 16 awards were presented to recognize the brands and products that have made outstanding contributions to the parent-child community.

There are many infant and toddler products in the market, which makes the novice mommy very headache. “Mame Awards 2019” through the professional jury, mainly from the perspective of Mommy, carefully selected excellent brands and products, hoping to help a group of moms, easier to pick the quality products. The conference also invited Ms. KOL Angie Mak, as the star ambassador to share the experience of caring for children and purchasing household items. “Mameshare” and “am730” also hopes to continue to recommend more quality products and brands to the general public in the future, as one of the roles of media.