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5a. White Factor Disinfectant (Extra Strength) 5Lx3 Free Disinfectant Extra Strength 500mlx1,100ml x1, Disinfectant 25ml x4 with 2 hangers, 20ml empty spray bottle x 6 (original price $3540)



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During the peak of the pandemic, you need better protection.

  • Applicable to the pandemic, strengthen personal hygiene and epidemic prevention
  • Upgraded antibacterial power to be more effective against virus, germs and odors
  • Faster antibacterial speed
  • The largest quantity of disinfectant liquid in one package
  • Tap design for the convenience of refill
  • Small tap size for refill, to avoid leakage
  • Able to control the usage according to your need
  • Safe and no harm to your skin

Best before: within 18 months from manufacture date (use within 6 months after open)

Made in Hong Kong

(The photo above is for reference only.  No handle is provided.  Product size is based on its actual size)