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White Factor Effective Insect Repellent 100ml Twin Pack – Free Delivery (Original Price $210)



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Using Picaridin
◆ WHO, EU and US and Canada international authorities recommend mosquito repellent ingredients

Ingredients are non-toxic and safe for young children
◆ High protection
◆ Skin-friendly, non- greasy
◆ Suitable for children aged 6 months or above and sensitive skin

Powerful and multi-effect
◆ Effective prevention of Zika, Dengue fever, Japanese encephalitis
◆ Effectively remove mosquito, midget, flea, mite
◆ Long-lasting 8 hours

More effective and safer than traditional DEET
◆ Picaridin is less irritating to the skin than DEET
◆ Picaridin is close to colorless and odorless
◆ Picaridin does not cause damage to leather, man-made fiber or plastic.

Best before: within 2 years from manufacture date

Made in UK


Natural insect repellent is the best? Do you have paradox about it?
There are insect repelling products label ‘natural, herbal, no DEET’ in the market, but many of them are not approved by relevant hygiene departments. The actual safety and effectiveness are in question.

What is Picaridin?

Picaridin is an insect repelling component developed in 2000, which is a popular in the US and Europe. It is approved to be in the market in Taiwan in 2017.

Picaridin, the first-choice insect repelling component

Proven Effectiveness
Proven by WHO, CDC of the US, Japan Health Ministry, it effectively against general mosquito, yellow fever mosquito and midge.

High Safety Level
Passed skin irritation and oral toxicity tests, all ages and children can use it with peace of mind.

Comparison of different insect repellents
Picaridin DEET Natural essential oil type
Content General mosquito, yellow fever mosquito, midge General mosquito, yellow fever mosquito, midge General mosquito
Effectively High effectiveness. Low irritation Acceptable effectiveness. Relatively high irritation No relevant proven report
Safety Safe for pregnant women and children Should pay attention to the concentration when use for children. Possible to cause allergy
Protection duration (according to relative concentration) 10% 6 hours
20% 8-12 hours
10% 3 hours
15% 5 hours
30% 6-8 hours
Varies from 30 minutes to 4 hours
Applied concentration Adult 20-25%
Children 10-20%
Adult 20-25%
Children 10-20%
No relevant data
Product nature Skin contactable environment medication Environment medication, Group B OTC medicine General commodity