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B:White Factor Humidifier 1.6L + Disinfectant Refill for humidifier 2L x 2 (free 500ml disinfectant x 2, Ball Ball snack x 5, noodles x 3

$3,091.00 $1,258.00

寶寶百味產品味道隨機 恕不供選擇

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Humidifier 1 unit + Disinfectant Refill for White Factor humidifier 2L

Use for space within 350 sq. ft.

Reduce cross-infection  ‧  Suitable for confined space
◆ Quickly and effectively eliminate suspended bacteria in the air
◆ Practical timer setting, 3 levels of mist volume adjustment
◆ Ultrasonic vibration atomization, silent sleep mode design

Humidifier warranty: 1 year from invoice date

Disinfectant Refill expiry date: 18 months from manufacture date (use within 6 months of opening)

http://[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eNt6cIGn-8&w=560&h=315]